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An in-depth look of a ghetto supastar

This site contains information for anyone who dmires the greatest female R&B singer in the world Mya.

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July 2003

  • VIBE
    Contains a promo poster w/ 3 pics of Mya

  • Coca-Cola ® Ad in Rolling Stone

  • August 2003

  • Sophisticate`s Black Hair & Styles

  • Hype Hair

  • Blender

  • KING

    Sept. & Oct. 2003

  • YM

  • Music

    Part I - Mýa-"My Love Is Like...Wo" (Promo CD)

    01.)"My Love Is Like...Wo (Main Mix)" (3:31)

    Mýa-"My Love Is Like...Wo" (12" Record) (For Promotional Use Only)

    Click Image For Larger View

    SIDE A

    01.)"My Love Is Like...Wo (Main Mix) (ft. Misst Elliot)" (3:31)

    SIDE B

    02.)"My Love Is Like...Wo (A-Capella)" (3:31)

    03.)"My Love Is Like...Wo (Instrumental)" (3:31)

    Mýa-"My Love Is Like...Wo"/"No Sleep Tonight" (CD Single)

    01.)"My Love Is Like...Wo" (ft. Missy Elliot) (3:31)

    02.)"No Sleep Tonight" (3:46)

    Mýa - "My Love Is Like...Wo (All-Star Remix)"

    01.) "My Love Is Like ... Wo (All-Star Remix) (Radio Edit) (Clean)" (3:58)
    02.) "My Love Is Like ... Wo (All-Star Remix) (Explicit Lyrics)"(3:56)
    03.) "My Love Is Like ... Wo (All-Star Remix) (No Rap Verse)" (3:01)
    04.) "My Love Is Like ... Wo (All-Star Remix) (Instrumental)" (3:54)
    05.) "My Love Is Like ... Wo (All-Star Remix) (A-Capella)" (3:49)

    Part III - "My Love Is Like...Wo (Swizz Mix)" (ft. Cassidy)

    1.) "My Love Is Like...Wo (Swizz Mix) (Super Clean Version)" (3:51)
    2.) "My Love Is Like...Wo (Swizz Mix) (Main Pass)" (3:51)
    3.) "My Love Is Like...Wo (Swizz Mix) (No Rap Verse)" (3:01)

    Part II - "My Love Is Like...Wo (All-Star Remix)" (ft. John Doe)

    01.) "My Love Is Like ... Wo (All-Star Remix) (Radio Edit) (Clean)" (3:51)
    02.) "My Love Is Like ... Wo (All-Star Remix) (Explicit Lyrics)" (3:51)
    03.) "My Love Is Like ... Wo (All-Star Remix) (No Rap Verse)" (3:01)

    Mýa- "My Love Is Like...Wo" (CD SINGLE) [AUSTRALIA] [IMPORT]


    Mýa - "Fallen" (The Remixes) (Promo CD)

    1.) "Fallen (Radio Mix)"
    2.) "Fallen (Remix)" (Plus) (ft. Fatlip & Tre of Pharcyde)
    3.) "Fallen (Remix) (Original)" (ft. Fatlip & Tre of Pharcyde)

    Mýa - "Fallen" (12" Promo) (Vinyl)

    Side A:

    1.) "Fallen (Remix Plus)" (ft. Fatlip & Tre of Pharcyde)
    2.) "Fallen (Radio Mix)"

    Side B:

    1.) "Fallen (Remix) (Original)" (ft. Fatlip & Tre of Pharcyde)
    2.) "Fallen (Remix) (Instrumental)"

    Mýa Limited Edition Promo Poster/May 2003-June 2004 Calender


    Mýa`s Limited Edition Promo May 2003-June 2004 Calender

    Don't miss out of M-ý-a

    July 13- MTV airs Mýa`s "My Love Is Like...Wo" performance on MTV "Bash"

    July 16- Moodring is released in Japan

    July 16- Mýa will appear of E!`s E! News Daily !

    July 18- Moodring Pre-Album Release Party In Los Angeles, California

    July 20- WPWX Show (radio)- scheduled performance

    July 21- Morning New Programs (don't know which ones yet)

    July 22- Moodring is released in the U.S. &

    July 22- Mýa Performs of ABC`s "Regis & Kelly"

    July 22- Mýa Performs of TRL

    July 22- Mýa Hosts BET`s "The Center"

    July 23- Mýa Hosts BET`s "106 & Park Prime"

    July 24- Mýa Performs "My Love Is Like...Wo"
    on NBC`s daytime soap opera "Passions"

    July 25- Mýa Performs "My Love Is Like...Wo" BET`s "106 & Park"

    July 26- Mýa Performs WBBM Show in Chicago, Illinois

    July 28- Mýa Performs "My Love Is Like...Wo" on MTV`s Direct Effect

    Aug 02- Mýa Presents an award @ the FOX`s "Teen Choice Awards"

    Aug 06- Mýa Performs on the WB`s "Pepsi Smash"

    Aug 25- Moodring is released internationally !

    Moodring Info

  • Front Cover Art Of Moodring

  • Back Cover Art Of Moodring

  • Mýa`s CD Art

  • Mýa (vocals);
    Sean Paul (vocals);
    Common (rap vocals);
    Guns (rap vocals);
    Lloyd Banks (rap vocals);
    Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis (various instruments);
    Bobby Ross Avila (guitar, Wurlitzer piano, strings);
    Derek Scott (guitar);
    Jerry Hey, Gary Grant (horns);
    DJ Harper & Earl Fleming (keyboards);
    Alex Al (acoustic & electric basses);
    Eddie Cole (bass);
    Steve Ferrone (drums);
    Luis Conte (percussion);
    Missy Elliott, Katrina C. Willis (background vocals).

    Producers include :

    Mýa, Ron Fair, Rockwilder, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Damon Elliot, DJ Clue & more.

    Mýa - "My Love Is Like...Wo" (Promo CD) (CD SINGLE) (UK VERSION) (IMPORT)

    1.) "My Love Is Like...Wo (Main Mix)" (ft. Missy Elliot)
    2.) "My Love Is Like...Wo (LP Version)" (ft. Missy Elliot)

    Recent Mya News

    Show: Women Rock! Girls & Guitars Concert

    Episode: Women Rock! Songs from the Movies

    Network: Lifetime Channel

    Date: Thursday, October 23, 2003

    Time: 10:00 pm - 12:00 a E.T.

    Featured Artists :

    Alison Krauss, Anastacia, Celine Dion, Dolly Parton, Kenny Loggins, Mandy Moore & Mýa

    Episode Description:

    About: Women Rock! Songs from the Movies

    Mandy Moore will host and perform at "Women Rock! Songs From the Movies," which, for the first time, will feature theme songs from major motion pictures. The concert will feature performances by Anastacia, Alison Krauss & Union Station, Kenny Loggins, Mya and Dolly Parton, among others. The show will also feature a special performance by Celine Dion. Jessica Alba, Sharon Osbourne, Lisa Rinna and others are set as presenters.

    The concert will tape at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood on September 30.

    Title/Show Description

    About Women Rock! Girls & Guitars Concert

    The signature concert, which each year attracts the music industry's hottest performers, is part of LIFETIME's award-winning public awareness campaign, "Our Lifetime Commitment: Stop Breast Cancer for Life" now in its ninth year. Lifetime's advocacy campaign is dedicated to offering women the most up-to-date, comprehensive information about breast cancer and promoting detection of this disease that claims the life of one woman in America every thirteen minutes.

    Network Description:

    About LIFE: Lifetime Channel

    LIFETIME is the leader in women's television and one of the top-rated basic cable television networks. A diverse, multi-media company, LIFETIME is committed to offering the highest quality entertainment and information programming, and advocating a wide range of issues affecting women and their families. Launched in 1984, LIFETIME serves nearly 86 million households nationwide. In 1998, LIFETIME launched Lifetime Movie Network, now in nearly 40 million homes, and in 2001, Lifetime Real Women. LIFETIME Television, Lifetime Movie Network, Lifetime Real Women, and Lifetime Online are part of LIFETIME Entertainment Services, a 50/50 joint venture of The Hearst Corporation and The Walt Disney Company, as is Lifetime magazine, which debuted in April 2003,

  • Women Rock! Girls & Guitars Concert Website

    Source: RockOnTV - The Ultimate Guide to Music on Television.
    Copyright © 1998-2003 VH1 - MTV Networks
    All rights reserved.
    Portions of content provided by Muze, Inc. © 1998-2002 Muze, Inc.

    Mýa On Tour :
    10/11/2003 Big Fresno Fair Fresno, CA, United States

    10/12/2003 4th & B Concert Theater San Diego, CA, United States

    10/13/2003 Southern California State Fair Perris, CA, United States

    10/14/2003 Marquee Theatre Tempe, AZ, United States

    10/16/2003 Gypsy Tea Room & Ballroom Dallas, TX, United States

    10/17/2003 La Zona Rosa Austin, TX, United States

    10/18/2003 Texas Southern University Houston, TX, United States

    10/19/2003 House of Blues New Orleans, LA, United States

    10/21/2003 Variety Playhouse Atlanta, GA, United States

    10/22/2003 House of Blues Orlando, FL, United States

    10/23/2003 House of Blues North Myrtle Beach , SC, United States

    10/24/2003 Dream Washington, DC, United States

    10/26/2003 Borgata Atlantic City, NJ, United States

    10/27/2003 B.B. King's New York, NY, United States

    10/28/2003 Fleet Center Boston, MA, United States

    10/29/2003 Foxwoods Casino Arena Mashantucket, CT, United States

    10/31/2003 Laga Pittsburgh, PA, United States

    11/1/2003 House of Blues Chicago, IL, United States

    11/2/2003 The Pagent St. Louis, MO, United States

    11/3/2003 TBA Minneapoilis, MN, United States

    11/6/2003 Showbox Showroom & Lounge Seattle, WA, United States

    11/9/2003 Bimbo's 365 Club San Francisco, CA, United States

    11/10/2003 House of Blues West Hollywood, CA, United States
  • <i>James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing<i> (2004) (Video Game)

    <img src=""></a>

    <img src=""></a>

    <img src=""</a>

    Listen to M&#253;a`s New Single "Fallen" & the "Fallen (Remix)"

    "Fallen" (Windows Media Player)

    "Fallen (Remix)" (Windows Media Player)

    "Fallen (RealOne Player)"

    M&#@53;a`s New Video "Fallen"

    M&#@53;a Gets Ripped Off Again

    The New York Post reports Mýa has once again fallen victim to jewel thieves. On Thursday, August 28, 2003, the singer borrowed another Ebel watch worth ,000, along with a diamond ring. The baubles were taken from her dressing room while she was on stage at Radio City Music Hall with Pamela Anderson presenting an award to 50 Cent at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards.

    M&#@53;a Switches Managers

    Suddenly sexy singer M&#@53;a has officially signed with Jennifer Lopezà former manager Benny Medina. Mýa appeared on the Doug Banks Morning Show several weeks ago and acted dumbfounded when co-host DeDe McGuire inquired about the management change. Maybe that was because her former managers were with her in the studio. Apparently Benny Medina first official day on the job was September 1. There are reports that he is still in talks with Brandy, which was previously reported here. and now Mariah Carey.


    Mya on Men

    Mya Harrison, soulful singer and bad-ass diva has a thing or two to tell you about boys, love, and relationships that you won't hear on her new album, Moodring. Listen up as she talks about her own romance history and shares the most important qualities to look for in a guy.

    What were you like when you were growing up? In middle school and high school, the kids were exposed to sex, alcohol, hanging out. I knew that wasn't acceptable. There were fights in school all the time. I felt that I was younger. A year is a lot. [Mya was bumped up a grade in elementary school and graduated high school when she was 16.] The difference between sixth grade and seventh grade is really dramatic when you're that age. Being around older people, puberty — that was a big thing for me. Everyone was just so far ahead of me. "I have a boyfriend," I'd [tell people]. "He lives in New York." I was always trying to fit in. Everyone else's world was just not my world.

    Were you actually dating anyone? I got my first kiss when I was 16 from a tap dancer in New York. We met at a dance event. He just sort of took me to the side and talked to me and then the next thing, he was kissing me! He would come visit me and we would go in the basement and pretend like we were working on a dance routine. We actually put together routines that summer and the following summer I went to Florida and danced with him in something for Disney. It was really fun — I was infatuated and it was cute.

    How did it end between you two? He was in New York and I was in Maryland. It faded away. Two years later I saw him and he was actually in a Broadway play. All of those old feelings came back and it took me a while to get over him. That day I decided to be strong and very standoffish with him because I'd gotten over him, and then all those feelings arose again. He was like, "What's going on?" I'm like, "Oh, I'm just working on music right now. I have a boyfriend. And that's about it." I was just being very confident and trying to play the role of an adult. I figured that would make him want me more because I was pissed at him for not calling me anymore.

    Did that experience end up in a song? Actually, yeah. I wrote a song about him but it wasn't that particular situation. It was more positive. He said something to me, and it had to do with sex — I was only 16 or 17 at the time. He was like, "You're not ready right now, but I'll be here. One day when you turn 20 or so, then I'll be here. Give me a call." It was sort of tacky in a way, but at the same time, he had respect for me that I give him credit for. I wrote a song about that. It was one of the actual first songs I wrote in my room, in my house in Maryland, just thanking him for being considerate.

    Have you ever had a guy come up to you and say, "I know that song was about me?" Yeah. I'm like, "You're not the first and you're not the last. So no, it's not about you." I've had arguments actually, about a few songs where a guy has thought a lyric is about him or something was strong that was very similar or parallel to our situation or a fight or an argument.

    Are you with someone now? I'm not with anyone, but I'm actually dating or just getting to know someone. I can say that. There's a particular fella that I'm getting to know at this moment in time, but that's about it. Until I get to know him, things won't progress. I've been there and taken relationships too fast. Now I know to take my time and do things right. It just might happen that you might not like the person after all and you're playing a game of catch-up where you're trying to get to convince yourself that you love this person because you've already gone there. It's a vicious psychological game that you play with yourself — I'm not going to do that anymore.

    Good advice — but sometimes it's easier to say it than do it. It's really hard to execute it, especially when you're physically attracted to someone. That's probably the hardest part — but once you've fallen on your face and don't want to repeat that, you're willing to wait.

    Is it hard for you to meet regular guys? No, it's not hard to meet regular guys. It's just hard to meet a guy that you might want to spend the rest of your life with. You just never know. I don't really care for dating industry guys; it's just hard to find a regular guy [who can] understand your work ethic and your work hours and your aggressiveness as a female. It's hard to find a regular guy who understands what the music business or entertainment business requires and isn't insecure or intimidated by that.

    It might be hard for men to accept a woman like that if they're not as successful. I think guys are actually more humorous and playful when a woman is making money. They've been really lighthearted and not sarcastic, but they sort of eat it up. "Yeah, you can take care of me!" Maybe it's the kind of guys I'm running into, but they don't have a problem. They don't seem to be intimidated.

    Do you think you're picky when it comes to guys? It takes awhile to get to know someone — particularly a mate. I can't say that I'm picky but I know that he can easily blow it by saying the wrong thing, by speaking improperly, by not being able to pronounce something on the menu. Little things like that might turn me off! By not opening the door for females — just the basic common sense, being raised right. If you don't pass a certain test that Mya has, then you're out the door! I'm sorry.

    So what are the requirements? You have to be able to be around my friends and have a good time and not call my friends immature because you're older than me. We all have to have a good time together, that's number one. I have to be able to laugh with you, I have to be able to talk to you, you have to be patient. You can't be a craver for sex all the time — that's just a turnoff. It'll just remind me of a male dog. You have to have goals or something that you love to do and be passionate about life. I want to live and try new things — you have to be able to be experimental with food. I cannot stand a picky, scaredy-cat man. Let's go bungee jumping, let's go to the shooting range, let's have some sushi. Let's see parts of the world, because I intend on traveling. Maybe I'm too much for you and I respect things that might be a little past your boundaries, but if you're not daring enough, then I'm going to look at you like you're a little kid. I like challenges. I have a wild streak about me where I will jump off a cliff. I will do things like that. If you can't hang, then that's going to be very unattractive to me.

    — Patty Adams

    Photo: John Falls

    More Than Just A Pretty Face[1998-05-26]

    Spreading Her Wings>[2000-04-16] LAUNCH Performance

    Brian McKnight & Mýa On Tour Together

    9/26/2003 Greek Theatre Los Angeles, CA, United States w/ Brian McKnight

    9/27/2003 House of Blues Las Vegas, NV, United States w/ Brian McKnight

    9/28/2003 Paramont Theater Oakland, CA, United States w/ Brian McKnight

    Mýa`s New Single

    It has been confirmed! The second single of Mýa`s third LP, Moodring is going to be "Fallen". Expect a video sometime soon with a video being shot for the song early next month ! No date has been set for the video or official release date for the single. Keep your eyes and ears peeled though !

    Source: The Official Mýa e-Team

    Mýa as a Presenter @ MTV`s 2003 Video Music Awards !

    Catch Mýa as she presents an award on the MTV`s 2003 Video Music Awards on Thursday, August 28th, 2003 ! Keep your fingers crossed for our girl too `cause she is nominated for Best Dance Music Video and Best Choreography In A Music Video.

    Keep The Votes Going For "My Love Is Like...Wo" by Mýa & Missy Elliot

    "My Love Is Like...Wo" is only days away from retiring on MTV`s TRL ! Let's make sure it gets retired so Mýa will have a retired video in the TRL "hall of fame."

    Mýa`s NEW Protegé

    I was reading in this magazine 'bout Mýa`s new protegé dat she was comin` out wit named Keyshia Cole. This summer I was watching "Biker Boyz" & I heard "Get Up." My sister & I recognized it from when she was on BET`s NYLA w/ producer Damon Elliot singin` it in a studio in California. It was originally gonna be called "Get The F&*@ Up" , but they changed it to "Get Up" instead. It didn`t make Moodring 'cause she gave it 2 her Keyshia Cole. Keyshia Cole`s new single, "Love," off her debut record which is slated to be released soon.

    Biker Boyz [SOUNDTRACK]
    Various Artists - Soundtracks - 2003

    Track Listings

    01. Ride - Reman
    02. Boom (The Crystal Method Remix) - P.O.D.
    03. We Did It Again - Ja Rule
    04. Don't Look Back - Papa Roach
    05. Ride Out - Swizz Beatz
    06. Renegade - JR Ewng
    07. Kalifornia - Mos Def
    08. Try Rider - Loon
    09. Get Up - Keyshia Cole
    10. No Competition - Mystic
    11. Big Business - Jadakiss
    12. Say Goodbye To Yesterday (Remix) - Non Phixion
    13. Liliquoi Moon - Meshell Ndgeocello
    14. Don't Look Down - David Ryan Harris
    15. Biker Boyz - Slick Boyz

    [RealOne Player]

    Here`s a snippet of "Get Up" by Keyshia Cole

    [Windows Media Player]

    Here`s a snippet of "Get Up" by Keyshia Cole

    Thieves Steal Pricey Watches From Mya's Stylist

    The New York Post reports watchmaker Ebel is out ,000 after lending two pricey, limited edition white gold and diamond watches Mya for a photo shoot in in Los Angeles last Friday. Before the watches left New York, thieves broke in and stole them from her stylist's apartment. A police report has been filed and cops are checking pawnshops. Ebel's rep says she hopes they're recovered, especially since one watch was a one-of-a-kind custom job.

    Source: New York Post

    Congratulations to Mýa for receiving 2 nominations for the MTV`s 2003 Video Music Awards.

    Best Choreography In A Video

    Beyoncé f/ Jay-Z - "Crazy In Love"
    Christina Aguilera f/ Redman - "Dirrty"
    Jennifer Lopez - "I'm Glad"
    Justin Timberlake - "Cry Me a River"
    Mýa f/ Missy Elliot- "My Love Is Like...Wo"

    Best Dance Video

    Christina Aguilera f/ Redman - "Dirrty"
    Jennifer Lopez - "I'm Glad"
    Justin Timberlake - "Rock Your Body"
    Mýa f/ Missy Elliot "My Love Is Like...Wo"
    Sean Paul - "Get Busy"

    Mýa Acting Now

  • Chicago (VHS)

  • Chicago (Widescreen Edition) (DVD) (2003)

    Released on DVD & VHS on August 19, 2003

  • Dirty Dancing 2: Havanna Knights (2004)

  • James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing (2003)

  • Shall We Dance ? (2004)

  • Mya To Appear on Passions!

    Recording star/actress/dancer Mya ("Chicago") will appear as herself in the July 24 episode of "Passions." Mya will sing her new single, "My Love Is Like...Wo," from her upcoming album, "Moodring" (Interscope/A&M). Mya's appearance highlights the start of "Hot L.A. Passions," a new summer story arc.
    The story centers around a visit to Los Angeles by six core characters. In the episode, music producer Chad (Charles Divins) and Whitney (Brook Kerr) enjoy a romantic evening at a Los Angeles beach club where Mya is performing. She performs "My Love Is Like...Wo," backed by her dance troop and the club audience erupts in wild applause.

    Additional characters in the "Hot L.A. Passions" storyline include; Nicholas Foxworth Crane (Justin Hartley), Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald (Lindsay Korman), Ethan Winthrop (Eric Martsolf) and Gwen Winthrop (Liza Huber).

    Mya, who studied tap dance under the tutelage of Savion Glover ("Bring on Da Noise, Bring on Da Funk"), recently appeared in the Oscar-winning feature film "Chicago" in the role of Mona. She also sang "Where the Dream Takes You" in the animated film "Atlantis: The Lost Empire," and she teamed with fellow singing stars Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim and Pink to sing the Grammy winning #1 smash hit "Lady Marmalade," one of the signature songs from the hit feature "Moulin Rouge."

    Mya also appeared in the film "In Too Deep" and in the miniseries "The Blues." In addition, she often serves as a presenter at many entertainment awards shows, such as "The American Music Awards" and "The MTV Video Music Awards."

    Source: Mya To Appear On Passions!

    Chatting With Upcoming Passions Star, Mya!

    On July 24, singing sensation Mya performs on "Passions!" On their first night in Los Angeles, Chad and Whitney head to a hot spot where they are shocked to find Mya performing her hit song, "My Love is Like...Wo." While Mya may not have visited Harmony before, she did have some surprising connections to a few of the leading ladies of Harmony. Read on to find out more about Mya's day at "Passions," her connection to Brook Kerr (Whitney) and Tracey Ross (Eve) and what exactly she means by "wo!" And make sure to tune into "Passions" on July 24 to see Mya in action. For more information on Mya, please visit

    Was there anyone at "Passions" that you were excited to meet?

    I always wanted to walk up to Brook (Kerr, Whitney) and tell her I knew her. I met Brook in 1997 on the set of a Dru Hill video. She was the lead female in that video. Dru Hill and I were both on the same label at the time, University Music Entertainment. I was one of the dancers in the video. That's where I met Brook. I brought it up to her today. She said she couldn't believe I remembered her! And I actually know Alisa (Reyes, Syd) from something we did together for Nickelodeon.

    You also have a connection to Tracey Ross (Eve). Can you talk about that?

    I met Tracey for the first time here today but I've been a fan since I was about six or seven years old. I used to watch her on "Star Search" and she was a spokesmodel. She was always winning. Something about her personality really attracted me to her. I was a fan. I really admired her. My parents were going to New York and I knew she was from there, so I told my parents to bring her back to me! They ran into her on the street in New York, by coincidence. My Dad yelled her name. He told her about me and she said to give her our address and she'd send an autographed picture. Within three months, I received Tracey's picture with her autograph. I still have it. I told her the story today. It was a weird feeling.

    Is acting something you've always wanted to do?

    No, not at all! I was a shy kid. Dance classes were okay-I could get very open. But I refrained from doing anything vocal or verbal. That part of me was uncomfortable. As you grow into performing and live performances, you naturally become more outgoing and outspoken. In the future, acting is something I want to study and perfect. I want to get better and better. It's an art form and there's a lot I don't know. Right now, I can really only play roles that are like myself or roles that are simple. I think a true actress can expand and take on all kinds of roles. If I'm very serious, which I am, I can take it very slowly and study like a professional would.

    Did you write the song, "My Love is Like...Wo" which you performed on "Passions"?

    I actually produced the song. Missy Elliot originally wrote this song. She's still appearing in the hook, on the "wo's." Ron Fair and I produced it. We brought live strings and horn players into it. I've done a lot of vocal productions on several of my songs. I also took part in writing some of the singles, as well.

    What exactly is "wo"?

    "Wo" means watch out-what just happened? It's a very cocky song-very confident. This is the first time I've gotten to highlight that part of my personality, the part where you're aggressive in a situation. "Wo" is a feeling or a mood I'm in some days. It's a lot of self-love.

    Was everything smooth sailing today?

    In rehearsal, I almost ripped my skirt! So they altered it a little to prevent me from stepping on it. My hairstylist/makeup artist got a flat getting here. So she was about 45 minutes to an hour late. She had a layover and missed the connecting flight. So she had to stay overnight and then she got here in time to discover she had a flat tire! I started on my own hair and makeup.

    Will you be watching your performance when it airs or will you be nervous?

    No, I won't be nervous since it's television and not live. I know that with all of the edits they'll polish everything! I feel very secure.

    Did you have fun working on "Passions"?

    I did. It was really simple, stress free and a very professional environment. I got to play the part of "Mya" and perform my first single from my new album, "Moodring."

    Chatting With Upcoming Passions Star, Mya!

    3rd Annual BET Awards

    Mýa & Tyrese presented the award for "Best Actress" at the 3rd Annual BET Awards. Here are a few pictures of them there.

    Mýa-"Why You Gotta Look So Good ? (Remix)" (ft. Jay-Z)

    DJ Envy - "Cruisin`."

    01.) "Popular Thug" - Kelis (ft. Nas)
    02.) "Crazy In Love" - Beyonce (ft. Jay-Z)
    03.) "Why You Gotta Look So Good ? (Remix)" - Mýa (ft. Jay-Z)
    04.) "Peach" - Novel
    05.) "I'll Never Leave (Uh-Oh) (Remix)" - Lumidee (ft. Fabolous & Busta Rhymes
    06.) "In Those Jeans (Remix)" - Ginuwine (ft. Grafh)
    07.) "So Gone (Pt. 2)" - Monica (ft. Mike Charles & Missy Elliot)
    08.) "Somethin' Special" - Fabolous (ft. Tamia)
    09.) "My Love Is Like...Wo" - Mýa (ft. Missy Elliot)
    10.) "Officially Missin' You" - Tamia
    11.) "Sexuality" - Beyonce Knowles
    12.) "Didn't You Know" - Tha Rayne
    13.) "Gettin' Right" - XL (ft. 50 Cent)
    14.) "Can I Get It Back" - XSO (ft. Red Cafe)
    15.) "No L.O.V.E." - Jhene
    16.) "Calling All Girls" - ATL
    17.) "Jackin' 4 Beats" - Lumidee

    "Moodring" Japan [IMPORT] Tracklisting

    01.) "My Love Is Like...Wo" (ft. Missy Elliot)
    02.) "Fallen"
    03.) "Why You Gotta Look So Good ?" (ft. Lloyd Banks of G-Unit)
    04.) "Step Back"
    05.) "Sophisticated Lady"
    06.) "No Sleep Tonight"
    07.) "Anatomy One On One"
    08.) "Hurry Up" (ft. Guns & DJ Clue)
    09.) "Things Come And Go" (ft. Sean Paul)
    10.) "You"
    11.) "After The Rain"
    12.) "Late"
    13.) "Whatever Bitch"
    14.) "Taste This"
    15.) "Take A Picture"
    16.) "Free Fallin`"
    17.) "Moodring" (International Bonus Track)
    18.) "Extasy" (United Kingdom & Japan Bonus Track)
    19.) "Little Too Much (Japan Bonus Track)
    20.) "Real Compared To What" (ft. Common) (Hidden Track)

    Mýa has re-corded a song for charity

    Full Force has also co-produced and co-written (along with Nile Rodgers and Daniel Sage) a song for charity called "Common Cause" that is dedicated to world peace & 9/11 victims. A video has also been shot for it. The video & song includes a wide range of artists like Ashanti, India.Arie, Angie Stone, Brandy, Deborah Cox, Master P., Lil' Romeo, Allure, CeCe Winans, Blu Cantrell, 3LW, Mýa, Darius Rucker and others.

    Source: May 2003 Issue of "Sister 2 Sister" magazine

    Mýa Performs on "Passions" !

    Watch Mýa perform "My Love Is Like...Wo" on the NBC daytime soap opera "Passions" on NBC @

    MMVA Big News!

    It's the moment you all have been waiting for. Who is coming to the 2003 MMVAs??? Not only will there be appearances by Mýa, Sum 41, Swollen Members, Treble Charger, Shawn Desman, BrassMunk, Rascalz, Shane West (The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, A Walk To Remember), Danny Masterson (That '70s Show), Rachael Leigh Cook (Fearless, She's All That, Josie And The Pussycats), Gregory Smith (Everwood), Anson Carter (New York Rangers), Jamaal Magloire (New Orleans Hornets) and Trish Stratus (WWE) we'll also be rocked by performances from Ashanti, Avril Lavigne, Disturbed, Michelle Branch, Our Lady Peace, Sam Roberts, Sean Paul and Simple Plan. Don't forget to tune in Sunday June 22 at 7:30 PM ET for the MMVA Red Carpet Show, then at 9:00 PM ET for the real deal, the 2003 MuchMusic Video Awards.

    Source: Much Music USA

    "My Love Is Like...Wo" (ft. Missy Elliot) (Video) (RealOne Player)

    "My Love Is Like...Wo" (ft. Missy Elliot) (Video) (Windows Media Player)

    Vote for Mya on BET's 106 & Park

    Vote for Mya on MTV's TRL

  • Vote for Mya on MTV`s "Direct Effect"

  • Vote for Mya on MuchMusic USA

    Whenever your offline get on your mobile phone or a telephone booth & call 1-800-342-5688 from 12:30 P.M. - 1:00 P.M. EST/ 9:30 A.M. - 10:00 A.M. PST every day before "TRL" (Total Request Live) airs on MTV & cast your vote for "My Love Is Like...Wo" Mýa & Missy Elliot.

    Whenever your offline get on your mobile phone or a telephone booth & call 1-800-617-LIVE every day before "106 & Park: BET's Top 10 LIVE" airs on BET & cast your vote for "My Love Is Like...Wo" Mýa & Missy Elliot.

    Mya stopped by the MTV Summer Beach House on MTV's Total Request Live on Tuesday to perform her new hit "My Love Is Like...Wo" and talk about her new album 'Moodring' with host Carson Daly. Read on for the transcript.

    Click Image To View Mya's TRL Performance

    Carson: Let me please introduce our next guest. She's got an album coming out on july 22. Say hi to mya.

    [ Cheers and applause ]

    Mya: Hey, Carson.

    Carson: Wow. Hi, mya. How are you?

    Mya: Good to see you again.

    Carson: Does she not look lovely or what?

    Mya: Thank you.

    [ Cheers and applause ]

    Mya: Just got me a nice tan on vacation.

    Carson: I'm glad i didn't wear that outfit. There's so much to talk to you about. What beautiful eyes you have.

    Mya: Thanks.

    Carson: Is it weird for you when you're focusing so much on music, and then of course you you got involved with "chicagos with ," which won aned academy award.

    Mya: The part was really small so the transition was very smooth for he. It did take four months so it took a bit of my album away from me and the concentration off. So I'm back. I'm ready to do my thing.

    Carson: And you're about to do your thing.

    Mya: My album's done. My single's about to come out. I just did my video for "wo."

    Carson: How's the video fors "wo"?

    Mya: It's great.

    Mya: Missy and i hooked up on my first album, so that's where we met. And of course, "lady marm lad" was the next thing. So she worked on my album as well. Missy's back.

    [ Cheers and applause ]

    Carson: Are you going to perform in our beach house?

    Mya: It's cold as hell out here today.

    Carson: But we're going to warm it up, i heard. The album is out on the 22nd. It's been a while.

    It's been like three years. Is that something you wanted to do to make sure everything was

    Mya: Things happen. Of course, the movie took four months. I just took my time and it was my play playground for my album. I worked very calmly, smoothly, wisely on my album and just did the best work I've ever done before. So I did take my time. And I've been living, you know.
    Carson: Good for you.

    Mya: Thank you.

    "Moodring" Tracklisting

    01.) "My Love Is Like...Wo" (ft. Missy Elliot)(3:29)
    02.) "Fallen" (3:34)
    03.) "Why You Gotta Look So Good ?" (ft. Lloyd Banks of G-Unit)(4:39)
    04.) "Step Back" (3:15)
    05.) "Sophisticated Lady" (3:51)
    06.) "No Sleep Tonight" (4:12)
    07.) "Anatomy One On One" (4:35)
    08.) "Hurry Up" (ft. Guns & DJ Clue) (4:29)
    09.) "Things Come And Go" (ft. Sean Paul) (3:57)
    10.) "You" (4:08)
    11.) "After The Rain" (3:57)
    12.) "Late" (4:44)
    13.) "Whatever Bitch" (4:20)
    14.) "Taste This" (4:36)
    15.) "Take A Picture" (3:28)
    16.) "Free Fallin`" (3:54)
    17.) "Real Compared To What" (ft. Common) (3:58)


    Mýa`s NEW single

  • "My Love Is Like...Wo" (RealOne Player)

  • "My Love Is Like...Wo" (Windows Media Player) (lo)

  • "My Love Is Like...Wo" (Windows Media Player) (hi)


    *Best of Mya*

  • "Step Back" (RealOne Player)

  • "Fallen" (RealOne Player)

  • "No Sleep Tonight" (RealOne Player)

  • "Take A Picture" (RealOne Player)

  • "Things Come And Go" (RealOne Player)

  • "You" (RealOne Player)

  • Mýa`s on the Cover of Trace Magazine

    "We are talking like adults, and we are talking about sex. In fact, we are talking about all kinds of shit!" Mýa (Marie Harrison) matter-of-factly reveals, regarding her newfound relationship with her 48 year old father, Hajji Harrison. "Initially, he had to adjust, and then all he said was, 'O my God, you've grown!" Her dear Pa was scrupulously accurate about his 23 year old swan princess...

    Click on one of the images to read more

    Exclusive Mood Ring Tracks are Available in the new "iTunes" Store !

    Mya has a new Album and Apple is offering you an Exclusive Download of her new Song "Fallen"! Get it now at the new "iTunes" Store ! Check it out @ for more information.

    Mood Ring coming soon!

    Mya is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on her 3rd album, "Mood Ring". Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more info and new music !

    Mýa`s Barbie Doll & Mattel ® My Scene Doll Promo CDs

    I saw a Barbie commercial on Nickeledon with stars such as Ashanti & Mýa. Mya's Barbie looked almost just like her.



    Nolee Mix :

    01.) Sheryl Crow - "Soak Up The Sun"
    02.) Smash Mouth - "Holiday In My Head"
    03.) Counting Crows - "Big Yellow Taxi"
    04.) Chemistry Semisonic- "Intentions Pseudopod"

    Chelsea Mix :

    01.) Cherry Lips - "Garbage"
    02.) Head On Straight Tonic - "The Best Of Me"
    03.) The Starting Line - "Just When You're Leaving" (ft. Joanna Pacitti)

    Madison Mix :

    01.) Mýa - "Take A Picture"
    02.) A*Teens - "Floor Filler"
    03.) Thicke - "I'm A Be Alright"
    04.) Christina Milian - "AM To PM"
    05.) Daniel Bedingfield - "Gotta Get Thru This"
    06.) Corey - "Ghetto Superstar"

  • Mýa


    "I' ve chosen to be a part of the 3rd annual Pantene Pro-Voice® music competition because I feel the youth of today have a lot to share and say. Is there a more exciting way to do so than through music? I love the fact that this competition allows young females to express themselves through the art of music and songwriting as opposed to image."

    Audiences have been embracing Mya since her debut at the tender age of 18.
    This Maryland native, who got her start in dance, burst on the music scene in '98. To date,
    she has released two multi-Platinum albums (her self-titled '98 debut and 2000's "FEAR OF
    FLYING"). Fans can look for Mya's much anticipated third effort (titled "MOOD RING" and
    featuring productions from Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Missy Elliott & Timbaland, Rockwilder,
    Tricky, and Damon Elliott) in stores this summer. Mya's many hits include the international smashes "Case of the Ex (What Cha Gonna Do)," "Free," "Ghetto Supastar" (featuring
    Pras & ODB, from the BULWORTH soundtrack), and "Take Me There," (her collaboration with
    Blackstreet from the RUGRATS soundtrack), as well as Top 10 singles "The Best Of Me" (featuring
    The Lox's Jadakiss), "It's All About Me", "Movin' On" (featuring Silkk the Shocker) and "My First Night With You."

    Along with making music that appeals to the streets and the suburbs,
    Mya has emerged as a powerful and popular concert act, bringing
    her unique vocals and dancing skills to stages across the U.S and
    Europe. Her talents have carried her into the worlds of television,
    fashion, endorsements and motion pictures. Mya has served as a spokesperson
    for Coca-Cola, Gap, and Bongo jeans and has had a Tommy Hilfiger
    lipstick shade named after her. In 2001, Mya worked on soundtrack
    projects for such films as LEGALLY BLONDE, ATLANTIS: THE LOST EMPIRE,
    and MOULIN ROUGE, for which she received a Grammy Award and the
    2001 MTV Video Award for her collaboration with Christina Aguilera,
    Lil' Kim and Pink on the #1 smash hit "Lady Marmalade". Mya's skills
    as a dancer have been showcased with increasing frequency, including
    her selection to appear in the Academy Award, SAG and Golden Globe
    award winning musical CHICAGO opposite Catherine Zeta-Jones, Renee
    Zellweger and Richard Gere.Mya's role is that of the 'Cell Block Girl' Mona, one of the death row murderesses serving alongside Catherine-Jones' character Velma Kelly.

    Mya is outspoken about teen issues, in particular about self-esteem for young women. In that
    capacity Mya served for three years on the advisory board of the Secret to Self Esteem program
    (an alliance between the Partnership of Women's Health and Secret antiperspirant), dedicated to
    helping girls become strong women; and is presently working with the Pantene sponsored Pro-Voice Program. In an industry which tends to chew up and spit out young female artists, Mya, with the support of her family and management team, has always been determined to maintain a positive
    healthy image for her fans and stay true to herself and her beliefs. "I've realized that I can
    be in this business, be successful, work with who I want to, and present a sassy image but not
    have to sell my soul," said Mya. "I'm very aware of my fans and people in general and I understand
    what they are going through, because I went through and continue to experience a lot of the ups
    and downs myself." At the end of the day, despite the fame and the tours and the awards, Mya remains a grounded, focused young woman.

    A & M Records
    Mya's Pantene: Restore & Renew Deep Fortifying Treatment

    More about Mya? Visit her official site!

  • Pantene Pro-Voice ® 2003: Mýa

  • Mya, Tweet, Vanessa Carlton, & Lucy Woodard are the spokepersons of Pantene Pro-Voice 2003. They also have a commercial adversting it.

    Musiq's rendition of Mya & Common's "Real Compared To What"

  • Musiq's rendition of "Real Compared To What" (RealOne Player) (56K)

  • Musiq's rendition of "Real Compared To What" (RealOne Player) (300K)

  • Musiq's rendition of "Real Compared To What" (Windows Media Player) (56K)

  • Musiq's rendition of "Real Compared To What" (Windows Media Player) (300K)


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